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So somehow I ended up on the recommended fics list for CA: TWS on TVTropes, and at first I was like,

"Oh that’s cool"

but then five seconds later I was like,

"Oh hell I’ve written so much trash some wholesome innocent person is going to read that all, ‘Well that was uplifting and sweet I’ll see what else she has to - SAINTS PRESERVE US’”

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The thing about Captain America: The Winter Solider – and I think the Russo brothers absolutely nailed it – there is no right or wrong, bad or good. It’s two sides of a political theory. There are so many Nazi references with Redford, and those people, as horrific as they were (and remain), they didn’t think they were bad. They were on another side of an idea. That’s the way I view Brock Rumlow (Crossbones). I don’t know people who think they’re bad – everyone thinks they’re doing the right things somehow. Somewhere, in their sick minds, they’re justified.
Frank Grillo fucking gets it. (x)

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From Captain America: First Vengeance by Fred Van Lente and Luke Ross.

I don’t know if MCU tie-in comics count as a part of the canon (I myself view them as canon unless contradicted by the movies, such as how TWS counters First Vengeance's plot point about Sarah Rogers dying when Steve was a child) but I've seen some debate on whether MCU HYDRA is a Nazi organization, so I thought I'd throw these into the mix.

It’s a fight I have no dog in, personally.  I can see (from those scans, some of Johann’s lines about the Nazis in TFA, and the vagueness of MCU HYDRA’s goals) the argument that they are not.  However, I can also see the argument that they are, and can envision how these same scans could be used to underscore the idea that Johann’s issue with Hitler was that he didn’t take it far enough.

Either way makes sense to me.  What I don’t get is when either POV is used to force a black and white take: I’ve seen arguments such as “you can’t like/be interested in/write about X character, they’re a Nazi,” as if Nazi characters cannot be complex and have moral conflicts.  Contrariwise, I’ve also seen it said that HYDRA would somehow be lesser and reduced to cartoonish supervillainy if they are Nazis, as though the Nazis aren’t real, charismatic, and dangerous people.  Those arguments, I can’t see at all.

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